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Rockblues Oz Style [rock (38), blues (2)]
composition time: 27feb2017
Title pretty much says it all.
Out Of Time [rock (38), slow (8)]
composition time: 23feb2017
Another lost gem! This smooth little song idea is simply awesome and I love it!
A Wind Of Hope [black metal (24)]
composition time: 20feb2017
Just an attempt at some random black metal. Its quite space and chill while being dark. A strange idea but not all that bad.
Moving Through The Light Tunnel [rock (38)]
composition time: 14feb2017
Interestingly this was played on Valentines Day. Yet it does not sound so lover.
Le Mulot [pop (5), québecois (4)]
composition time: 15dec2016
This song idea is awesome. It's for ridiculously awesome ideas like this one that this page exist. "Le Mulot"! Not sure if the song is English or french, also not sure if its something my subconscious stole from the radio or if its an original composition but it sounds awfully familiar!!

Assuming that it does not constitute copyright infringement, I like it!
It Couldn't Be Alive [rock (38), slow (8)]
composition time: 9dec2016
Pigs Climbing A Wall [rock (38), progressive (2)]
composition time: 9dec2016
I dont know I had that strange song idea once, quite a while ago. I sounds a lot like some Pink Floyd song to me but at the same time its different. Just putting this here.
Think again [punk (4)]
composition time: 15nov2014
cute punk idea I came up with on my composition roll of the 15th nov 2014, that was the 3rd song idea I came up with in that jam.
Nous N'Arriverons Qu'Une Seconde [québecois (4), rock (38)]
composition time: 19nov2016
Another song idea which I really liked and then had forgotten about.

Super cheesy french song that sounds deep but has no meaning at all LOL!

Yet I like it, it has something.
Going Through The Light [rock (38)]
composition time: 14nov2016
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