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This is a page where I upload new composition ideas. This is a good way for me to remember my ideas and organize them, but at the same time to share them with you and allow you to give your opinion!
!!Warning: The recordings on this page may contain a lot of goofs and errors. Those recordings are only meant as a memory helper and are not finished products!!
70s (1) alernative (10) alternative metal (1) ambient (4) atmospheric black metal (3) black metal (24) blues (2) death metal (5) doom metal (6) experimental (1) gothic (1) grunge (3) instrumental (1) medieval (5) pop (5) progressive (2) punk (4) qu├ębecois (4) rock (38) slow (8) trash metal (2)
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It might not rain [progressive (2), rock (38)]
composition time: 26may2017
Also known as "Muse zombie dark day". lol! so the title, Muse zombie dark day, that's what this song is, in my head. It's like Muse playing a zombie action movie song, with a little less talent maybe :P Just a funny riff I think maybe there is something cool to do with this some day, a different style for me.
Kangaroo blood [black metal (24), rock (38), experimental]
composition time: 12may2017
So I randomly came up with this funky idea. Some happy guitar riff with totally wacky black vocal metals, a weird combo. And I have decided to add that to my new black metal album in progress as the weird song of the album to finish the album on a funny note.
70s psychoman [rock (38), 70s]
composition time: 23apr2017
Just a little riff reminding me of 70s psycho rock
So Lonely [rock (38)]
composition time: 14apr2017
Walking on the Line [rock (38)]
composition time: 14apr2017
It is Time Again [rock (38), slow (8)]
composition time: 31mar2017
You Could Be Blind [rock (38)]
composition time: 31mar2017
A cool rock idea!
The Wrong Kind [rock (38)]
composition time: 15mar2017
I think this song is a super hit song lol! The Wrong Kind, its so catchy! If only I had the time I'd record it and it would be on every radio station.. or maybe not, but let's hold on to it for now.
You Could Be Around [rock (38)]
composition time: 8mar2017
C'est La Vie [rock (38), pop (5)]
composition time: 28feb2017
That's why I love listening to these old ideas and uploading them here. Wouldn't want ideas such as this one to get lost, its a little gem! It's catchy and cool!
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