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This is a page where I upload new composition ideas. This is a good way for me to remember my ideas and organize them, but at the same time to share them with you and allow you to give your opinion!
!!Warning: The recordings on this page may contain a lot of goofs and errors. Those recordings are only meant as a memory helper and are not finished products!!
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Gondol-Mongol [instrumental (13), electro (2), pop (7), hardcore (3), ambient (8)]
composition time: 14aug2023
The name does not have any perticular meaning... A cool electro jam. Sounds good, good beat. Simple but somewhat interesting. Many catchy bits.

Out of the blue, the second half of the song takes an unexpected turn and becomes more hardcorish...

Not Shamanic at All [instrumental (13), pop (7)]
composition time: 19jul2023
I had been creating some shamanic beats tracks for breathwork and such. You can hear that here: Meditatronche.

But this time I opened up my shamanic beat jam again to make yet another shamanic drumming tracks but I added some funky instruments, and a funky rock drum and it was not shamanic at all in the end, but it kind of rocked! So i continued it, listened to it a couple of days on loop, tried to make something with it. There are some cool parts, but I'm not sure what I'm gonna do with it...
C'est La Vie [rock (40), pop (7)]
composition time: 28feb2017
That's why I love listening to these old ideas and uploading them here. Wouldn't want ideas such as this one to get lost, its a little gem! It's catchy and cool!
Le Mulot [pop (7), québecois (4)]
composition time: 15dec2016
This song idea is awesome. It's for ridiculously awesome ideas like this one that this page exist. "Le Mulot"! Not sure if the song is English or french, also not sure if its something my subconscious stole from the radio or if its an original composition but it sounds awfully familiar!!

Assuming that it does not constitute copyright infringement, I like it!
I want to be alive [pop (7), punk (4)]
composition time: 2013
This, if it ever were to become a real song, would be some pop rock, mostly acoustic summer tube.
Song fièfe [pop (7)]
composition time: 2013
A gay little song.. in progress... I like this one. Unfortunately its a bit difficult to hear the subtilities in the chords, a better recording will be required!! Also one of the oldest of these recordings
I wouldnt know [pop (7), rock (40)]
composition time: oct2013
Cowboy alternative rock :P on a punkish beat.