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This is a page where I upload new composition ideas. This is a good way for me to remember my ideas and organize them, but at the same time to share them with you and allow you to give your opinion!
!!Warning: The recordings on this page may contain a lot of goofs and errors. Those recordings are only meant as a memory helper and are not finished products!!
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Kangaroo blood [black metal (24), rock (40), experimental (2)]
composition time: 12may2017
So I randomly came up with this funky idea. Some happy guitar riff with totally wacky black vocal metals, a weird combo. And I have decided to add that to my new black metal album in progress as the weird song of the album to finish the album on a funny note.
Moonshine [black metal (24)]
composition time: may2017
This song was a shower idea, usually those are my best composition ideas. Nothing like shower ideas. I had already started the recording of a few black metal songs for a pure trash non-atmospheric black metal album and wanted to add more songs. Instead of picking in the old ideas here as I should have I just let the creative juices do their thing and kept coming up with fresh ideas, like this one. I think it will be called Moonshine at least that's the name for now.

This was a little bit of an attempt at Mayhem style.
Beehive [black metal (24)]
composition time: 30apr2017
Still trying to compose more songs for my album in progress, where I want to basically make black metal music, not atmospheric black metal but real black metal, evil/trash style. Well I came up with this other song idea. It eventually became "Beehive". It's also a little challenging to play in the "verses".
Vampblood Metal [black metal (24)]
composition time: 29apr2017
Playing some Skyrim, my lovely character became a vampire and is helping that vampire girl do some family missions, going in crypts and vampire stuff to find some artefacts. And then I did this jam, it was vampirish, or so I thought.

Also this was a time where I wanted to make some songs more like "Satanic Warmaster" or "Taake".
You and I [black metal (24), doom metal (6)]
composition time: 19apr2017
For some reason I quite like this song idea, its pretty simple but it has something that makes sense to me. I must say though that I am really not sure in what genre to put it.
Morbid Ingenuity [black metal (24)]
composition time: 18mar2017
A Wind Of Hope [black metal (24)]
composition time: 20feb2017
Just an attempt at some random black metal. Its quite space and chill while being dark. A strange idea but not all that bad.
Plancto Venero [black metal (24)]
composition time: 8dec2015
A bit late on uploading this idea as the song is already fully recorded... Hear it here: I have some catching up to do on my ideas uploading!!
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Caladran [black metal (24)]
composition time: 30nov2015
Another idea which is already fully recorded, while Im still tweaking the mix because it became the hell of a complex song.
This idea has been used!
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Jump Into the Fire [black metal (24), rock (40)]
composition time: 18nov2015
Just some random rock/black metal idea
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