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432Hz (4) 70s (1) alernative (10) alternative metal (1) ambient (8) atmospheric black metal (5) black metal (24) blues (2) death metal (5) doom metal (6) EBM (1) electro (2) experimental (2) gothic (1) grunge (3) hardcore (3) instrumental (13) medieval (5) pop (7) progressive (2) punk (4) québecois (4) rock (40) slow (8) symphonic (3) techno (1) trash metal (2)
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Organ gosse [instrumental (13), atmospheric black metal (5)]
composition time: 27sep2022
Experience atmosphérique Black met basé sur un son d'orgue.
528Hz [instrumental (13), experimental (2)]
composition time: 5may2022
Experimenting with alternative tunings. I created with some 528Hz tuned sine waves. Added some strings later on which are also tuned in 528Hz
Darkness Profonde [atmospheric black metal (5), ambient (8)]
composition time: 23dec2014
This was in a time where I felt lonely and abandoned. I had deserved it and I could not complain.
It might not rain [progressive (2), rock (40)]
composition time: 26may2017
Also known as "Muse zombie dark day". lol! so the title, Muse zombie dark day, that's what this song is, in my head. It's like Muse playing a zombie action movie song, with a little less talent maybe :P Just a funny riff I think maybe there is something cool to do with this some day, a different style for me.
Kangaroo blood [black metal (24), rock (40), experimental (2)]
composition time: 12may2017
So I randomly came up with this funky idea. Some happy guitar riff with totally wacky black vocal metals, a weird combo. And I have decided to add that to my new black metal album in progress as the weird song of the album to finish the album on a funny note.
Grunge dark day [grunge (3)]
composition time: 12may2017
A dark day in grunge world and this totally random grunge influenced riff of darkness was born. Nothing much to it, just a lot on the 6th minor chord! Nothing very original but a riff is a riff.
Moonshine [black metal (24)]
composition time: may2017
This song was a shower idea, usually those are my best composition ideas. Nothing like shower ideas. I had already started the recording of a few black metal songs for a pure trash non-atmospheric black metal album and wanted to add more songs. Instead of picking in the old ideas here as I should have I just let the creative juices do their thing and kept coming up with fresh ideas, like this one. I think it will be called Moonshine at least that's the name for now.

This was a little bit of an attempt at Mayhem style.
Beehive [black metal (24)]
composition time: 30apr2017
Still trying to compose more songs for my album in progress, where I want to basically make black metal music, not atmospheric black metal but real black metal, evil/trash style. Well I came up with this other song idea. It eventually became "Beehive". It's also a little challenging to play in the "verses".
Vampblood Metal [black metal (24)]
composition time: 29apr2017
Playing some Skyrim, my lovely character became a vampire and is helping that vampire girl do some family missions, going in crypts and vampire stuff to find some artefacts. And then I did this jam, it was vampirish, or so I thought.

Also this was a time where I wanted to make some songs more like "Satanic Warmaster" or "Taake".
70s psychoman [rock (40), 70s]
composition time: 23apr2017
Just a little riff reminding me of 70s psycho rock
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