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Meditation music, Ambience, Binaural Beats...

Shamanic drumming v2

I have been searching for good "shamanic drumming" tracks on youtube for my breathing exercise. But I am having difficulty finding a track I like, and when I do, too often it's just a few minutes of percussion, on a loop, with some ambiance effect. I thought I could easily do better with Ableton and some perc packs, at least I can make a proper loop! Here's my first attempt at a shamanic drum track.

Shaman mix 1 - Holotropic Breathwork track

First attempt at creating some track to use with breathwork. I often take a few Youtube tracks and combine them for my breathwork sessions. I decided to make a creation of such a combination, maybe to help others enjoy the incredible and unique mixes I make in these times.

mar2022+ Binaural Beats with Atmospheric Black Metal

Started with an experiment on making binaural beats in Ableton Live. Then added some synth, but the synth sound sounded so much like Lustre! had to add guitar etc trying to make Lustre-style song... Then the experiment continued with changing the binaural beats frequencies and starting different jams on each new frequency. Then it quickly turned into an hour+ full album 1-track-multisong interconnected by the binaural beats... Its not finished, still in progress, there isn't an end yet, and maybe I'll add vocals..

Fastest Self Hypno song

A strange flute with a strange piano. A mix of recordings.

sources: Hypno dude: Steven Luzern 2010, Flute: haunted_canyon_flute.mp3 by Kerry, Piano: Smoother Move by Kevin MacLeod.


Feb2022 experiments

Experimenting with Ableton Live sounds

Download: 03 - native.mp3

Jun2018 first Binaural test

A first test making music on some 10h binaural beats.