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This is a page where I upload new composition ideas. This is a good way for me to remember my ideas and organize them, but at the same time to share them with you and allow you to give your opinion!
!!Warning: The recordings on this page may contain a lot of goofs and errors. Those recordings are only meant as a memory helper and are not finished products!!
432Hz (4) 70s (1) alernative (10) alternative metal (1) ambient (8) atmospheric black metal (5) black metal (24) blues (2) death metal (5) doom metal (6) EBM (1) electro (2) experimental (2) gothic (1) grunge (3) hardcore (3) instrumental (13) medieval (5) pop (7) progressive (2) punk (4) québecois (4) rock (40) slow (8) symphonic (3) techno (1) trash metal (2)
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composition time: 23aug2023
I am really happy about this jam and planning of maybe adding vocals to that. I have 800 bars and wanting to hit 1000. Its not really just a song idea but mostly an album in becoming..
Killerbees [instrumental (13), techno, 432Hz (4), hardcore (3)]
composition time: 17aug2023
This is a mostly hilarious experiment! Still doing some 432Hz stuff but somehow I ended up with some funky techno style stuff!! Good for rodeo music or something... Suddenly a scary face-of-death style part comes on to go on to some aggressive hardcore beat...
Maniac 432 [instrumental (13), rock (40), 432Hz (4)]
composition time: 16aug2023
Still working at creating music in 432Hz. This one is just a quick 1 riff and a beat idea.
234 [instrumental (13), rock (40), 432Hz (4), ambient (8)]
composition time: 16aug2023
So I once again tried to make music in an alternative tuning. I found a post explaining how to make instruments in 432Hz in Ableton Live. And I experimented with that here. I tuned both my guitar and Ableton live in 432Hz actually. But somehow I got confused when naming the experiment and I named it 234 instead of 432 :P

It's a cool jam, the soloish lead guitar is good. Relaxing jam, reminds me a little bit of a band I love named "Wayra"

Speaking of Wayra, there some cool conga beat and solo guitar at the end. Sounds a bit Waytaish to me. Lovely!
Gondol-Mongol [instrumental (13), electro (2), pop (7), hardcore (3), ambient (8)]
composition time: 14aug2023
The name does not have any perticular meaning... A cool electro jam. Sounds good, good beat. Simple but somewhat interesting. Many catchy bits.

Out of the blue, the second half of the song takes an unexpected turn and becomes more hardcorish...

Sadlustre [instrumental (13), symphonic (3), electro (2), hardcore (3)]
composition time: 30jul2023
A very interesting and unclassifyable jam. Hard to say what genre of music it is. Hardcore techno? EBM? Classical music movie soundtrackish type? A bit of all that really I would say...
Smoothsynth [instrumental (13), symphonic (3)]
composition time: 28jul2023
Just a quick jam on some relaxing piano tone, which turned quickly in violonorama. Not a lot of meat to this idea, but fun stuff..
Dreampadz [instrumental (13), EBM]
composition time: 21jul2023
An EBMish horrorish, Hocicoish techno jam.

I realize thats already a very long song, although it has no vocals, maybe I could try to add some one day. Though I consider it totally "unfinished" because it starts on another idea at the end but I did not continue it yet...
Not Shamanic at All [instrumental (13), pop (7)]
composition time: 19jul2023
I had been creating some shamanic beats tracks for breathwork and such. You can hear that here: Meditatronche.

But this time I opened up my shamanic beat jam again to make yet another shamanic drumming tracks but I added some funky instruments, and a funky rock drum and it was not shamanic at all in the end, but it kind of rocked! So i continued it, listened to it a couple of days on loop, tried to make something with it. There are some cool parts, but I'm not sure what I'm gonna do with it...
Gouttes [instrumental (13), ambient (8)]
composition time: 6oct2022
An interesting and funky jam, much embryonic. I created this because my dad asked me to send him some of my music to use in a video he was making for our village, Roxton Falls.

I tried to look in what I had created in the past to find suitable instrumental material for a video about a village and I found a few possible songs. But I felt everything I had was, interesting but didnt really fit.

So I decided to try to make a new song just for that "quickly"... Since the main attraction of the village is, you guessed it, its falls, I thought of something that was to me, like drops of water...

But it turns out I didnt finish the song and after a while my dad reminded me, are you sending me your songs? So I ended up not sending it because it was not finished. And to this day it still isnt!
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