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Under a Dark Star

Under a Dark Star is a black metal project started in 2013. Pierre-Verthume Larivière (me) plays all the instruments.

I've been a fan of black metal for a long time and basic rock/punk/altern musician for even longer but I had always dreamed of making an awesome black metal band. However, while I was singing "traditional vocals" already I had no idea I could sign the BM vocals as well. After crudely recording Woman Alive with guitar and vocals and receiving some good comments from my friends I have decided to try recording it on Cubase. I found that it was more hard to record the BM vocals well than it had been to record them quickly just for fun so I turned to youtube to find mutliple tutorials on how to make black metal vocals... My technique still needs practice probably but I was able to start recording and produce acceptable result. In the end I stopped trying to hope to form a black metal band with "actual people" and I formed one only with myself. I'm having lots of fun recording stuff to impress my friends, nothing serious. Below are the songs that I have recorded under this project so far, enjoy:

Under a Dark Star's songs:

TataVille (MP3 download) (youtube) (2015)
The Champion (2014)
Woman Alive (2013-2014)