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The Champion

I am ready to show the first version of the video version 1.04. There is also something to fix in the mix when I have the time.

I just started rendering the first version of the video. Theres a lot of elements missing still, but there is already a little bit of interesting stuff. I will upload it very soon!

I owe you an update by now... The month of December has been busy with school and life in general but I still continued working on this song when I had the time. Most importantly, on the 18th of December, I remixed the song, producing mix #10. I am really happy about mix #10 I think I made everything sound a lot better especially the back vocals which were too strong on certain frequencies.

Yesterday and today I have started filming the video. I have filmed multiple takes of me playing the song at the guitar. Unlike in the first video I now have 2 phones so I have filmed 2 angles at once. I may be able to do some interesting effects with this ;) Next I will start creating the video in Kdenlive! But not tonight, I gotta get ready for New Years Eve!!! Stay tuned!!

After an intense week-end and some fun time with school mates I went back home and decided to give a try at recording the vocals a little before I go to bed. Turns out I had a great time and totally gave up on going to bed at any reasonable time. I just went ahead and re-recorded all the vocals and Im very happy with the new changes. The "clean" voice now has a cool eerie harmony and the "metal voice" sounds very ditant and powerful.

I have added a new guitar and bass to follow the new corrected click track properly instead of the old. Next I will redo the vocals for the same reason.

Added real drums in the-champion-4 (played them 1 instrument at a time to be able to manipulate their sound better) and ended up discovering that the "precise click track" I had created for myself was in triplets when it should not have been. I fixed all the drum to represent the correct beat but I will definitely have to re-record the guitar and vocals, I was already planning to re-record the vocals anyways.

Re-recorded the vocals in the-champion-3

Recorded the-champion-2, the first attempt at recording the "Ozzy Meets Black Metal" song. I created a simple drum beat with a cubase instrument track and recorded the guitar and the vocals for the song.

The Champion audio mixdowns:

The Champion video versions: