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Vermisseau des Étoiles

Vermisseau des Étoiles releases:

about Vermisseau des Étoiles:

Vermisseau des Étoiles. Black metal, atmospheric black metal, progressive black metal and just plain experimental musical project by Pierre Vers-De-Terre (me).

Vermisseau des Étoiles started in 2013 with the recording of Woman Alive and continues to record new music today.

It has been hard to decide on a name for this project but I think that Vermisseau des Étoiles is a good name for this band. However I had previously settled on the name Under a Dark Star you can see the old Under a Dark star page here.

With Vermisseau des Étoiles I wanted to attempt to create the darkest and heaviest music ever, while keeping it spacey and ambient at the same time. So that it can be relaxing to listen to but at the same time engage intense feelings.

I wanted to attempt to push the musical limits of transforming pain and anger in beautiful sounds and cloudy ambiences.

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