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A new Windsor

where: Chez BAM, who: PVL
3rd recording with the Zoom H1, but this time sporting a brand new sd card both in the Zoom H1 and in my GFs video camera, so no more unusable bits in the Zoom recording (I had a bad sd card in it). I'm finding that now only my LG G6 phone still screws bits of the recordings. I'm pretty sure its because the sd card I've added inside is no good either. SD cards really are crap, it seems whenever I buy one there is a high chance it will have failures! Anyways.

This jam was a lot of fun as usual and its the last one I have so far (finally catching up!!). As usualy while jamming I had fun but always had the impression that the songs I was playing were meh and didnt feel I was having sufficient inspiration, yet obviously still let my subcouscious speak. Later when listening to it I totaly disagree and find its a really cool jam and like a lot of the songs.

Really gotta start learning and writing down charts for my favorite jams so I can start building them into song!

So Lonely | Jam

Smoothie Melancholously | Jam

Panda Beatman Rejam | Re-Jam | Panda Beatman

A new rejam, this song got stuck in my head a lot after listening to its first version on a jam. Replayed it that day and maybe found new parts to it.
Panda Beatman

Cool Riff Cant Sing | Idea | Cool Riff Cant Sing

I started playing that riff on the guitar and like it, however when I tried to add vocals on it I couldnt hold the rythm of the riff properly. Needs practice I guess, still saved the recording because I think its a cool riff.

Metal Blues | Jam

Ca Rock!

Macarons Dans Le Ciel | Jam

Magic Bus Feeling | Jam | Magic Bus Feeling

James Bond Of Love | Jam

Dark Sunshine Mushroom Groove | Jam