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Ableton Tests

where: Rue Poupart, who: PVL
Last time I went to do my usual Voyages jam at Marsonic I had some issue, the tablet did not want to share audio between apps for some reason so I was unable to record. On top of that it was already super late because we recently flipped everything in the studio and I spent the most of that jam just re-plugging stuff and trying to find a smart way to place things for the camera.

So anyways, I was disappointed I couldn't record and was starting to get tired of using a tablet for my recording, doesn't have much room, apps are not so complete, and now it just didn't work anymore for no reason so I had it!! I decided I needed to buy a 4 tracks sound card and start using a goddamn computer for recording my shit! If I had discovered Ableton Live already at that time I might have realized that I didn't really need a 4 input soundcard and might have saved 186$ but oh I'm glad I spent that money because it is worth every cent :)

So I thought I needed at least 3 separate inputs, vocals, guitar and tablet (for the beats), but they dont sell 3 inputs soundcards, it goes from 2 to 4, so I figured I could route the faux-bass in the 4th input so I can adjust it better at the mix.

So I went on amazon and found that Behringer has a nice 4 input soundcard and its probably the cheapest you can get but it has really good reviews so I went and bought it because my jams depended on it. And I couldnt help but noticing how in the description it mentionned it was compatible with Cubase and Ableton Live. I generally use Cubase but had recently gotten Ableton and hadnt played with it yet.

So for some reason I decided to give Ableton another try. And thats when I discovered that Ableton Live is exactly what I need for my jams!! You can create beats, change beats live easily and you can even assign keys on the keyboard or a MIDI controller to changing your beats etc. Even better you can record in the arrangment view the result of your jam while you jam with your beats in the session view.

Basically its amazing because that makes Ableton not only the best tool I could find so far to be my beatbox but it also allows me to record the result in the same program and that is a huge advantage! I can lay any number of tracks on top of my jam. Can edit the notes from the beat afterwards, all I play is fitting with the bars in the program etc!! So thats a great new discovery basically I thought that in my head: Ableton Live is making my creativity explode!

So I was very excited! This was my first experiment at recording a mini jam on Ableton, at home quickly only to test it.

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