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Drummination, part 2

where: Marsonic, who: PVL
Because my drumming skills were way too bad to be able to record usable drums to cover the 4 songs I wanted, I had to do a part 2 of trying some drum tracks.

I am glad that I did because when I compare some drum tracks of the first week versus some drum tracks of that week I think I have certainly improved quite a bit, but still its far from professional lol.

I did better and most likely I wont do more of that but I had to mix in a few tracks to be able to get something that isnt too terrible. And its a lot of work to do all that stuff on that damn iPad app. I am thinking of using my music laptop for next jam but that means some problems due to only having 2 recording channels, no "inter app audio" as the iPad has... but anyways I'll have to try it out to decide what is the most convenient in the end.

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