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where: Marsonic, who: PVL
Was a funny jam that day, because I only played drums, did not play guitars or sign that day.

The reason is that I am still working on a new funny way to multilayer jams on different instruments with myself but now doing this on a full jamnite rather than just a beat/song at a time.

As a result I can get more songs out of a jam but then it takes me a lot longer to put the instruments on that jam afterwards, like many more jams afterwards. So in the end, in the end of the month/year I will not have played more songs that way but whatever, the exercise is fun. Today was putting drums on last weeks jam basically. And I only managed to do 2 songs on 4 (or 3 depending how you split them) but was fun and I like the result. Next week Ill probably replay the drums on the Sarcophageus part, and after Ill put some back vocals, and then Ill see if it needs anything else... Maybe Glockenspiel?

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full night vid pretty much, well the good parts..