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70s (1) alernative (9) alternative metal (2) ambient (4) atmospheric black metal (3) black metal (18) death metal (3) doom metal (5) experimental (1) gothic (1) grunge (3) instrumental (1) medieval (4) pop (3) progressive (1) punk (4) québecois (2) rock (18) trash metal (2)
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Think again [punk (4)]
composition time: 15nov2014
cute punk idea I came up with on my composition roll of the 15th nov 2014, that was the 3rd song idea I came up with in that jam.
The Custodian [rock (18)]
composition time: 15nov2014
This song is mostly hilarious in my opinion. I actually have no idea what the word custodian means :P but that night I was on a roll of composition, just playing on my guitar in bed when I should rather have been sleeping, but I had emotions to work on.. so I came up with 3 song ideas that night and that one was the second... I chose to be a custodian... custodian.... its time to be a custodian.....
Medievalman in the Kitchen [medieval (4)]
composition time: 1nov2014
Pants on Fire [death metal (3), rock (18)]
composition time: 24oct2014
Hate Forestish [black metal (18)]
composition time: 17oct2014
Lately I have been listening to a lot of Hate Forest at school and on my way to and from it. I can say that it's definitely my favorite band these days. I just love their sound, how they sound like music from the bottom of a swamp or something. I love the groove of their songs and it's infinite darkness. Most people wouldn't agree with me but I find something relaxing to this music, something very personal, like the ultimate truth, not hidden behind wannabeness and attempts to be like others by fear of being noticeable.

Anyways after listening to that much of that amazing band :) I had to sooner or later jam something in this fashion. It was my first attempt at a song in this exact style, its a bit of randomness too but it had something I found interesting, Im sharing it with you here and you're welcome to give me your comments.
The Lie [death metal (3), black metal (18), trash metal (2), rock (18)]
composition time: 3oct2014
Tired from the big week of school I picked up my guitar and starting jamming and randomly produced that song.
Here I go! [death metal (3), rock (18)]
composition time: 3oct2014
Apparently Im on a death metal roll tonight!! A few minutes after randomly composing "The Lie" I picked up my guitar for fun again and came up with this one! I called it "Here I go!" for obvious reasons...
Ozzy meets black metal [black metal (18), doom metal (5), atmospheric black metal (3)]
composition time: 2014
Jam Ancestral [atmospheric black metal (3), ambient (4)]
composition time: 14sep2014
This is not much of a song idea but really just a jam, its is fully improvised and kind of pretty much ambiant. Its also a practice of metalish voice accompanied with random smooth dark depressish music.
Touralou [doom metal (5)]
composition time: 3sep2014
This song is inspired by doom metal bands such as Avrigus, Unholy and a south american similar band that I cant remember the name. Love intensive DOOOM!!!
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