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alernative (9) alternative metal (1) ambient (4) atmospheric black metal (3) black metal (13) death metal (3) doom metal (5) gothic (1) grunge (2) instrumental (1) medieval (4) pop (3) punk (4) québecois (2) rock (15) trash metal (2)
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Ozzy meets black metal [black metal (13), doom metal (5), atmospheric black metal (3)]
composition time: 2014
Jam Ancestral [atmospheric black metal (3), ambient (4)]
composition time: 14sep2014
This is not much of a song idea but really just a jam, its is fully improvised and kind of pretty much ambiant. Its also a practice of metalish voice accompanied with random smooth dark depressish music.
Touralou [doom metal (5)]
composition time: 3sep2014
This song is inspired by doom metal bands such as Avrigus, Unholy and a south american similar band that I cant remember the name. Love intensive DOOOM!!!
Ambient bm random jam [ambient (4), black metal (13)]
composition time: 29aug2014
I dont think there is much genius in the composition of this one, its pretty simple and repetitive. But for some reason I like the sound of it. I consider it to be ambient black metal.
Who are you? [doom metal (5)]
composition time: 26aug2014
This is a very doom metal inspiration.
Médiéval Black [black metal (13), medieval (4)]
composition time: 10jul2014
After going to see Frostbite live at the Lancement d'album of Hollow I wanted to go to bed but kept hearing black metal music playing in my head so I decided to grab my guitar and try to play what I was hearing in my head.

It is always difficult to transfer a song from inside of my head to outside without "damaging" it, I guess that part needs more practice and maybe more music reading or notation signing to be better at this. Anyways I was able to create something mostly similar to what I could hear in my head but since I was playing it on the acoustic guitar it gave it a distinct medieval sound. Im not sure if Ill keep it on acoustic or bring it to a full electric band if I ever do record this idea. For now here it is:
Alternative Superman
composition time: 30jul2014
Just an altern grunge rock idea
Song fièfe [pop (3)]
composition time: 2013
A gay little song.. in progress... I like this one. Unfortunately its a bit difficult to hear the subtilities in the chords, a better recording will be required!! Also one of the oldest of these recordings
My eye!! [black metal (13)]
composition time: 4jun2014
You lay out on the floor!!!!!

Interesting black metal idea
Naked guitar player [rock (15)]
composition time: 21may2014
One day I got naked to take my shower, but instead of jumping in the shower I grabbed my guitar and started playing "The Naked Guitar Player"... Then while I took my shower I had this song stuck in my head, so after my shower (while still naked!) I started my recording app and recording this so I would remember.
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