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70s (1) alernative (10) alternative metal (1) ambient (4) atmospheric black metal (3) black metal (23) death metal (4) doom metal (6) experimental (1) gothic (1) grunge (3) instrumental (1) medieval (5) pop (3) progressive (1) punk (4) qu├ębecois (2) rock (24) trash metal (2)
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Just a medieval riff [medieval (5)]
composition time: 2apr2017
It is Time Again [rock (24)]
composition time: 31mar2017
Morbid Ingenuity [black metal (23)]
composition time: 18mar2017
Fuck the Police [death metal (4), rock (24)]
composition time: 27feb2015
Great inspiration on that day. Fukem!
Plancto Venero [black metal (23)]
composition time: 8dec2015
A bit late on uploading this idea as the song is already fully recorded... Hear it here: I have some catching up to do on my ideas uploading!!
This idea has been used!
Hear it here:
Caladran [black metal (23)]
composition time: 30nov2015
Another idea which is already fully recorded, while Im still tweaking the mix because it became the hell of a complex song.
This idea has been used!
Hear it here:
Jump Into the Fire [black metal (23), rock (24)]
composition time: 18nov2015
Just some random rock/black metal idea
Die in the Fire [black metal (23)]
composition time: 17apr2015
An interesting BM idea with some diminished 5th chords.
Country Monkey [rock (24)]
composition time: 27mar2015
That song isnt really country but thats the first title that came in my head. Gotta keep on monkeying!
Time never waits [rock (24)]
composition time: 3dec2014
On the 3rd of December I jammed that song before going to bed. I guess I was having time problems. Don't we all have time problems?
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