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Recordings classified under: Idea

Had an idea, wasnt quite a jam, just an idea. Usually it was just an attempt at a jam that didnt really work out so I dont want to mix it in the good jams that I keep but I still wanted to keep it because there were some interesting ideas in it.. I put it in ideas. Not to confuse with the ideas section of this site where I put recording of ideas I had while not recording. Right?

Associated Recordings:

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Mini Bout Toune Perdue - Derrière les Toilettes
Summer Feeling attempt... - Zooming in
Cool Riff Cant Sing - A new Windsor
Mini Riff Tragique - Orangeade
Petit Riff Du Drame Accompli - Un Pied Dans Les Airs
Jam Sur Nouveau Happy Riff - Broutons Sans Pêtrer
Shit Me Platurus - Un Jour Très Froid
Think Again, version FR - L'étape Du Retapage
da riff of the night - Seul Dans La Nuit