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Première Pratique Officielle De S.I.T.R.A.

Project: S.I.T.R.A.
where: Chez BAM, who: Jérémie, Mac, PVL
Maintenant que le band a un nom, c'est pu des jams c'est des Pratiques!

Best-Of | Video

My Mother | Cover | My Mother (by The Cranberries)

Une Tangerine Clementine | Jam

Quand Tu Reviendras | Cover

Quand Tu Reviendras 2 | Cover

Zombie | Cover | Zombie (by The Cranberries)

Zombie 2 | Cover | Zombie (by The Cranberries)

Montreal T'Es Froide | Cover

Tout Nu Sur La Plage / Astronomy Domine | Cover | Astronomy Domine (by Pink Floyd)

Goodbye Cruel World | Cover | Goodbye Cruel World (by Pink Floyd)

Bored To Death | Cover | Bored To Death (by Blink 182)

What'sMy Age Again | Cover | What's My Age Again (by Blink 182)

Creep | Cover | Creep (by Radiohead)

L'Antiquaire | Cover | L'Antiquaire (by Jean Leloup)

Basket Case | Cover | Basket Case (by Green Day)

When I Come Around | Cover | When I Come Around (by Green Day)

Ton Portrait Nuage | Cover

Bapt Bedou-Wep | Cover

Comfortable Numb | Cover | Comfortable Numb (by Pink Floyd)

Les Licornes | Cover

Ta Moustache | Cover

Quand Tu T'Approches De Moi | Cover

Quand Je Vois Ton Visage | Cover

Quand Je Suis Sorti De L'Hopital | Cover

J'Aime Ta Grand Mère / Stand By Me | Cover