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Embourbé Dans Mes Pieds

where: Marsonic, who: PVL
Juste un autre jam ou je tente de repouser les limites de mon improvisation black metal et je fais ce qu'il faut pour ne pas laisser tomber mes futur milliers de fans!!

Le Rot Du Printanier | Jam

Going Out The Wrong Way | Jam, Re-Jam | Going Out The Wrong Way

I knew I had played that before... new rejam...

Peste, À Bord D'abord | Re-Jam

Sarcophageus On-Demand | Re-Jam | Sarcophageus-On-Demand

My Cloudy Lullaby | Jam

You're My Crown/Bruken Cran | Jam

A bit of a messy jam but cool experimentation with a more black metalish guitar style. Actually there is something pretty funny about that jam. There was a problem when recording this one. I dont know why this happened but for some reason the vocals did not record well on this one. After the jam I wondered if the vocals didn't record at all or if they did record but didn't get placed in the arrangement for some reason. So I had a look in the samples and saw the last vocals recording and thought it was the one. I placed it manually on the arrangement and saw it was not long enough, at that time I thought it had recorded about 60% and stopped for unknown reasons. I made my mix like that, rendered it, listened to it, masterized it and even there were some parts of that song where I really liked the vocals lol!! But there was also some parts where I found the timing of guitar/vocals was strange, I thought wow I must I been really high when I played that. Later on when trying to make the video and find the matching claps between the video and the raw vocals track that I was using to sync the video I realized that the vocals track did not match the song at all! How strange!! I had to go back on the iPad to understand what was happening and found that actually the vocals track I thought had recorded 60% was not it at all, it was really just the vocal tracks of the previous song! The vocals had not recorded at all for that song!! Lol so all that to say that I accidentally put the vocals of the previous song on that song due to a technical problem and the most crazy part is that it fits and there's even some pretty good parts where the combination vocals guitar is really interesting!! Lol talking about luck and randomness!! So of course once I figured that out I decided to re-render the track without the incorrect vocals. And now I will try using the audio from the camera to put the right vocals back on it!! But I will keep the *error version whith the wrong vocals because it was destiny and theres a few parts of it I really like! But this wont be possible to be in the video because well it wont match... ============== So I did as good as I can to isolate the vocals from the camera audio. Mixed it in somehow with the vocal-less tablet mix. Result is... unclean.. but at least I can hear what the actual song was like now...

Full jamnite vid | Best-Of, Video