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Miss Steak

I formed a band in the early 90s when I was about 15 or 16 years old, my friend Guillaume came up with this name "Miss Steak" I loved it because it had a double meaning :P this was our name and one of our initial classic was "Mr. Cornflakes".

The band existed for a couple of years, we did a bunch of shows and demos, had a bunch of fans too. One day it died after a bad show, I moved to montreal, no one heard from it for years until lately, all the old members (or almost) reunited by technologies like online RPGs (Iohann) or Facebook (M.O.S.) decided that maybe it was good, maybe we should re-record some of the best songs. This is still just a project but I have started trying to publish the history of Miss Steak online and post all the songs I can find.

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Miss Steak Demo 2

This is one of our earliest demo (its name suggests there is an older demo too..). This was really Miss Steak at it's beginning.

Miss Steak 2000

This demo was recorded at the end of the life of Miss Steak, basically the end of Miss Steak was recording this demo, doing a show and then giving up :( For some reason this demo was very unpopular, no one liked it, everybody thought it sounded like shit. Though for some reason today I like it, maybe we were not ready... Anyways here it is there are a lot of good compos in this.

Covers of Miss Steak by others

Miss Steak was once at the center of the life of a community. An era. Many people have played their own versions of Miss Steak songs, here are the Miss Steak covers that we were able to put our hands on.