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Un Pied Dans Les Airs

where: Chez BAM, who: Pum
Une porte s'ouvre, derrière elle, un nouveau monde. J'avance, seul, plus petit qu'un vers de terre. C'est le genre de chose qui se sont passées dans ce jam.

Best-Of | Video Array Array

Intro Sound Test | Jam Array Array

Les Racines De Gencives part.1 | Jam Array Array

Les Racines De Gencives part.2 | Jam Array Array

There was a part in the middle of this song that I could never play right. I cut it out and thats why the song is now in 2 parts. I think in this song is the first time I did "chest guitar signing" for a while, first time was years ago in Oweïz in 2004. "Chest Guitar Vocals" is apparently making a *magical* return.

Living Is Easy | Jam Array Array

Black Swans | Jam Array Array

Motivated Funker | Jam Array Array

Peste Rejam | Re-Jam Array | Peste


Lustre Grungetime | Jam Array Array

I like that riff and want to make something with it.

Gone | Jam Array Array

Probably one of my favorites of that night.

Petit Riff Du Drame Accompli | Idea Array Array

Morning Sunshine Love | Jam Array Array

This one starts as a nice smooth one, ends funny ;)