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Bye Maison 2

where: Rue Leclaire, who: PVL
Second and last jam at my old appartment rue Leclaire. 30th of June, the appartment was officially not mine anymore the next day. I had already emptied the entire place except for a few guitars and my laptop.

Sadimental Overdrive | Jam

Leave it be man!!!

Indestructible | Jam

Sooo Indestructible!!!

Pearl Rockz | Jam

Pearl Rockz as in this was reminding me of Pearl Jam, I know you might not hear it at all :P Anyways, at first I only had retrieved the first part of that jam containing the 2 first songs listed above. Eventually I stumbled on this and realized it was also part of that jam. So I'm adding it. Probably wont make the top jams anyways but for me its a nice souvenir of these last days at my old place on rue Leclaire back in the days where my love Minifriend was still alive with me :(