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Disorganized Composition

where: Rue Poupart, who: PVL
That was my second test with Ableton Live. This time I really enjoyed what Ableton can do for me! I recorded some music but entirely in the session view. Meaning that instead of planning the music in a linear fashion I created a couple of riffs that I stored in patterns. This way every time I play the song I manually chose In what order and when the patterns start and stop.

I really like that because Im good at finding which other part can go with a music bit but my big problem is deciding of the final structure of the song. This was I can just create a bunch of riffs that go in the song and chose their order at that time every time I play it....

Only problem is when you do that then you have nothing to render, unless you go and spin your beat while recording the result in the arrangment view, which I have not done at first, but later on while doing the next jam session I spinned these beats quickly for a test. I can let you hear that. And maybe later when I'm at the studio I'll spin those beats again but while adding vocals and maybe even some guitar solos, and then Ill have something more lenghty to let you hear involving those riffs. But for now all you get is the short instrumental version...

Test2 Mini Masterized | Jam