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Dans Un Élastique

where: Chez BAM, who: PVL
Malgré le manque de temps et une petite fille qui pleure souvent j'ai pris 2h pour moi ce lundi soir pour aller bammer un jam chez Bam! Quelques bons bouts sont a revoir.

BestOf | Best-Of, Video

Cam Check Jam | Jam

That jam was my first test with the camera. After recording many jams on other days before always with some audio recording apps I suddenly asked myself "why not film this too, I could make some video with it". I felt it would be better for youtube with actual video than with just an image so that day I setup the instruments and placed my phone in position to film, started recording and went to play this. I think it did an ok jam, not the most interesting ever but still cool. The sound of the recording however was so bad that after filming this and going to listen to it in my car I decided to not film anymore and did a research on how to record decent sound with the LG phone. That is when I discovered that my LG phone had some native apps for that that were made on purpose to be able to record loud audio. I recorded the rest of the jam with the HD audio recorder, LG native app using the "concert" mode which produced pretty great sound. Later on following jams I discovered that all the sound options making the "concert" recording mode in the HD audio recorder were also able in the native LG camera app so I started using that and was able to get great sound and video on it too in the end but that only happened in other jams later. For now though enjoy this first test. Sound is not good the audio was fine but still pretty boring so I put a bunch of crazy effects on it to mask how boring it was.

Vomi Dans Les Prés | Jam

This jam was cool but I dont think it was all that interesting. Kept it anyways but not my favorite.

It's Been Alive | Jam

Lonely After All | Jam

Brumante Latente | Jam

This is one of my favorite in this session. I think there is something to keep in this one.

Going Around | Jam | Around The Clock

This one also has a few interesting bits

Going Around V2 | Jam | Around The Clock

For some reason, at the end of the jam I just kicked in the disto and remaster the previous jam in a more metal version...