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Drummination, The Last Straw

where: Marsonic, who: PVL
So we've been sick at home. I had the worst throat pain and I dont think Im ready to sign. After going to record some drums twice on the multilayer jam started on 29th of april I was planning initally to make the 4th session be about back vocals, but missed 1 week cuz sick and then next week felt as I could go to play more drums but not ready to sign yet due to throat pain...

So I did that, and I think the drums I recorded in that 3rd drummination is probably the best yet...

But I decided maybe this does not make sense. I mean its 3 jams that I waste only to try to put drums on a same jam and its not that easy because Im not really a drummer. If I had just been recording new jams instead I might have done some new killer jams and all and practiced and evolved my songs a lot more.

So it all comes down to a main problem in my life. I always want to do too much, I start too many things and then I never finish anything...

I keep thinking the solution is to simplify, which means cutting off in the less necessary....

So basically the multilayer jam was a kewl idea but for now I think its just too much of a time sucker, and if I had more time it might make sense but in my current situation I decided that I should focus more on real recordings (as in not a jam) and then put my secondary focus musically on jamming in solo and also getting some songs practiced with my other band...

So I want to cut off in the less necessary.

Probably this jam I wont continue, wont ever put back vocals on it because its a jam! I want to now focus on recording real songs!

=========edit after starting to masterize

Well the new drum tracks is pretty good... maybe I will continue multilayer jamming after all.. Maybe I could just jam normal but record on tablet, and then next jam multilayer the hell out of just 1 jam..... well I am not decided really.....

========edit a while later in the week

I been thinking about that. On one hand I think I have spent way too much time on this recording, because I spent 3 evening recording drums when the initial jam was recorded in 1 evening. On the other hand its ok if I dont shit out as many jams as I used to because I really think it was a bit much. Meaning whats the point of having so many good ideas if I never take the time to do anything with it etc... And then theres the thing where I think maybe a jam is like a better composition. Its like a composition where the choices of when what happens are enterily based on a feeling instead of based on mathematics. Because when you try to compose a real song you always count stuff. Here's 1 verse, 1 chorus, 8 bars, here's a bridge, 2 more choruses and then the song is over... Its always like that, but Ive noticed that most amazing song dont follow such boring patterns. They have surprises that sound natural to the ear but its not just everything equal... So thats why I am not sure I want to completely replace jamming with recording from scratch in a music program, or maybe at least the composition should not be done in the music program, maybe thats where my error was all that time. Composing music while sitting at a computer. How gay!

No surprise my music sounded so gay in the last couple of years!!

So what I am trying to say is I think I will maybe aim in the middle. Ill keep multilayer jamming for now but the new plan is this check it out:
1 evening I go in and make a full jam night (guitar,voice,beatbox) but recording it on the tablet
then as usual I listen to it, make a little video of the good parts.
Then instead of trying to record a full band-more layers on the entire evening I will chose just 1 song, or even just 1 part of a song if its too long, really just the best 5 minutes of that night and make a full-on multilayer jam with drums, back vocals and whatever but on just that 5 minutes. Hopefully on evening 2 I should be able to shit out a bunch of fun tracks on my selected 5 minutes.

Then I guess next time I go back to jam I can either do a new jam or even repeat with another part of the last jam or even another jam, whatever...

See what I mean... so that's my plan BUT I am wondering do I even just start that next day or do I try putting back vocals on this one instead???? I am not sure but I think Ill probably just start the new thing on the next jam...

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