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Early years

When I started playing music around 14 years, I wanted to become like my Idols, Metallica, Guns n Roses... etc.. Back then I really thoughed everything was possible and I started to work to become the big star I thoughed I should become. I learned to sign and play guitar and started working at recording some music with the help of my enslaved friends.


I cant find so much of the oldest things I have recorded so far but somehow I still had this tape. Explorers. I think that must have been my first *band. I *enlsaved a few of my friends to be my drummer and guitarist and back then everybody wanted to play drums or guitar in a band so it was easy. But when came the time to meet with me and practice the songs I always had to twist their arm to get them to record stuff for me. Anyways I had fun. I had also twisted the arm of my parents so they got me this 4 tracks recording maching which I used to make this. And it was a lot of fun!

Notable mentions and thank you for participation :P :
Guillaume Poitras (some guitars, piano)
François Brousseau (drums!! thanks man hope you're doing good wherever you are)
Jean-Phillipe Dufford (bass, a hard working man)
Fannie Larivière (soundwoman, my cousin she helped me with the 4 tracks, we had fun)