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When I was around 24 years old (2001) and my band Miss Steak was not working much anymore due to a bad show where I broke 4 strings or 3, and the bass drum microphone kept falling on me and after the show I almost picked a fight with the owner of the bar because I was pissed and he was accusing me of being responsible for the microphone falling on me. There was almost no one but our close friends at that show despite the hundreds of sign we had placed all around the city that time, though there was a snow storm on the night of the show.

Anyways after that my bandmates were mad at me and we just stopped rehearsing, I had quit my boring job at IBM and that is when I decided to export myself to Montreal.

At this point no one seemed to care for Miss Steak anymore or for me and I was quite depressed. I started making music on my own and recording it with my computer.

I had a lot of fun and recorded many songs. I wish I could retrieve most of them but unfortunately all I still have today are the songs of the last of the 3 periods of recording and 1 of the second period. Maybe if I'm lucky Ill find some others some day.

The "first" period of recording was just before I leave for montreal, right after I bought my computer, I remembered recording first a cool punk song that was partly influenced by a punk tape a guitar student had given me. I probably had recorded a bunch more but I also remembered recording a mellow little slow on which I received many good comments, it included a rainstick which I had received for my birthday.

The second period of recording was very intensive, it was when I had just finished installing myself in montreal and had absolutely nothing else in the world to do. That time again I must have recorded many songs but the 2 that I remember are one called "Dumb" which was quite popular (I actually have retrieved that one) and there was also another which was a little reggae and I had made a lot of rythmic music with crickets and other nature sounds.

And finally there was the 3rd period where I was at University of Montreal, for some reason I wanted to make darker music and I started (unfortunately) by erasing all my previous songs from my acidplanet account. But at least, I still have all the songs from that last period. It starts with That Tori Amos "Horses metal remix" and then theres a bunch of attempts at metal, gothic metal and EBM.

You can see my AcidPlanet page here

Here is a list of all the Songs from my "AcidPlanet" songs that I have: