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De Pied Levant Vers Le Soleil

Project: S.I.T.R.A.
where: Chez BAM, who: Mac, PVL
S.I.T.R.A. jam mais Jérémie est absent, ca faisait longtemps quon avait pas jammé juste a 2. Un bon jam somme toutes!

Weezer Macinton | Cover

SloGreendo, FastGreendo | Cover

Les Sentiments Verts | Cover

Rogers Les Eaux | Cover

Sentiments De Pet/Reggaes Des Villages | Jam, Cover, Video

Zombie | Cover | Zombie (by The Cranberries)

Dis Moi | Cover

Cohen Beastial | Jam, Video

Think Again essai 1 | Compo

Basket Case | Cover | Basket Case (by Green Day)

Gone Away | Cover | Gone Away (by The Offspring)

When I Come Around | Cover | When I Come Around (by Green Day)

The Kids Arent Alright | Cover | The Kids Aren't Alright (by The Offspring)

All I Want | Cover | All I Want (by The Offspring)

L'Exil bout 1 | Cover | L'Exil (by Harmonium)

L'Exil bout 2 | Cover | L'Exil (by Harmonium)

L'Exil bout 3 | Cover | L'Exil (by Harmonium)

Barnana Overkill | Jam, Video

Wish You Were Here | Cover | Wish You Were Here (by Pink Floyd)

Le Doume | Cover | Le Dôme (by Jean Leloup)

Voyager Test | Cover | Voyager (by Jean Leloup)

Le Doume 2 | Cover | Le Dôme (by Jean Leloup)

Comme Un Sage/Goodbye Cruel World | Cover | Goodbye Cruel World (by Pink Floyd), Comme Un Sage (by Harmonium)

Pappaa | Cover

Le Monde Assez Con | Cover

Chevalin Marsupien | Jam

Think Again | Compo

Best of video | Best-Of, Video