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Par Les Couilles Du Menton

Project: S.I.T.R.A.
where: Chez BAM, who: Mac, Jérémie, PVL

Les Gens De L'Occident - Roger Wat Maybe sound check | Cover

The Wall | Cover | The Wall (by Pink Floyd)

Roger Wat Wat | Cover

Echoman Blues | Cover

Les Gens De L'Occident | Cover

Vulgaires Mach Tristounet | Cover

Shine On You | Cover

Echoes | Cover | Echoes (by Pink Floyd)

Dark Side Of The Moon | Cover

Superman Is Dead | Cover | Superman's Dead (by Our Lady Peace)

Gone Away | Cover | Gone Away (by The Offspring)

All I Want | Cover | All I Want (by The Offspring)

Bored To Death | Cover | Bored To Death (by Blink 182)

Basket Case | Cover | Basket Case (by Green Day)

When I Come Around | Cover | When I Come Around (by Green Day)

Crêpe | Cover | Creep (by Radiohead)

Interlude Entourlope | Jam

Lightning Crashes | Cover, Video | Lightning Crashes (by Live)

Grippe Aviaire | Jam

Fluffer Muffler, Down Syndrome version | Jam

Marshmallaway | Jam

Best-Of Video | Best-Of, Video

S.I.T.R.A. S'essaye sur les Vulgaires Marsouins! | Cover, Video