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Prison Cell

where: Chez BAM, who: PVL
It was Monday, jam night! Was tired and planning to go next day but I was done working, felt great and there was lots of nice sun! I decided to go jam. Asked for a room with no windows to pretend it was the night but then when proposed 05 I tought that 03 thats so hard to get, is it free? It was so I took it, though it had windows, funny because its in the basement the windows were high and small letting through sun rays and shadow when people passed on the busy sidewalk outside. It made me feel like I was in some dungeon, trapped for life with nothing to do but play guitar forever. As I jammed my songs the shadows sometimes seemed to stop probably hearing the loud music :)

Too Much Sun | Jam

Heading To The Light | Jam

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Panda Beatman

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