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Rock Bottom!

Project: S.I.T.R.A.
where: Chez BAM, who: Mac, Jérémie, PVL

Sweet Dreams | Cover

T'Aimer Sans Frontieres / Jam Caboose Marsupienne | Jam, Cover

Echoes | Cover | Echoes (by Pink Floyd)

Innocent | Cover

Baltazaure Express | Jam

Sting Ray | Jam

Tranche De Bobette | Jam

Pédoncules | Jam, Video

Mesa Adapter | Jam, Video

Flying Saucer Ship | Jam, Video

Basket Ouin | Cover | Basket Case (by Green Day)

When I Come Around | Cover | When I Come Around (by Green Day)

Whats My Age Again | Cover | What's My Age Again (by Blink 182)

Bored To Death | Cover | Bored To Death (by Blink 182)

Gone Away | Cover | Gone Away (by The Offspring)

Echoes Again | Cover | Echoes (by Pink Floyd)

Je Nous Veut Sans Frontières | Cover

Ton Portrait Nuage | Cover

Loutre Pachiderme | Jam

The Wall | Cover | The Wall (by Pink Floyd)

Run | Cover | Run (by Pink Floyd)

Everybody Cries | Cover

Traboule Maboule | Jam

Full jam video | Best-Of, Video