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S.I.T.R.A.: Les Enfants Salins

Project: S.I.T.R.A.
where: Chez BAM, who: Jérémie, Mac, PVL

fake plastic trees | Cover

dont make me dry | Cover

radiohead wut | Cover

radiohead wut2 | Cover

radiohead dark wut | Cover, Video

Karma Passur | Cover

vulgaires mach triste colere | Cover

blue skies | Cover

dis moi | Cover

jaime ta grand mere | Cover

quand je suis sorti de l'hopital | Cover

quand je vois ton visage | Cover, Video

Lucille | Cover

hawaienne | Cover | Hawaienne (by Les Trois Accords)

entree de la phase 2 | Jam

basket case | Cover | Basket Case (by Green Day)

gone away | Cover | Gone Away (by The Offspring)

when I come around | Cover | When I Come Around (by Green Day)

the kids arent alright | Cover | The Kids Aren't Alright (by The Offspring)

lantiquaire | Cover | L'Antiquaire (by Jean Leloup)

whats my age again | Cover | What's My Age Again (by Blink 182)

bored to death | Cover | Bored To Death (by Blink 182)


semi beatles semi the cure

8 days a week | Cover

creep | Cover | Creep (by Radiohead)

zombie | Cover

paradis city | Cover | Paradis City (by Jean Leloup)

paradis city 2 | Cover | Paradis City (by Jean Leloup)

voyageur | Cover | Voyager (by Jean Leloup)

alger | Jam | Alger (by Jean Leloup)

les trons darbre | Jam, Video

des cerf volants dans lespace | Jam, Video

une affaire de cash et de sexe | Cover, Video

Best-Of video | Video