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Zooming in

where: Chez BAM, who: PVL
First jam recorded with the Zoom H1. I had input level at 50% and there was some distortion in the last 2 thirds of the recorings. However the sound capture with my LG G6 phone was even worst so I used it anyways. In the following jams I have been using the Zoom with input level at 30% and had really good recordings.

That jam was me jamming along right after the last jam with Mac which was our first in the Baladi room (05) and we did not like the drums. But when she gave me that room I touhgt she was giving me the tube. I was like, The Tube?? Alone??? Awesome!!! I get downstairs try to get in the Tube room.. Its locked... I check the number, it isnt my number, then I see the number I have is that crappy Baladi room again. Oh no!! Plus we got it later again with Mac and each time we think were getting the Tube and then were getting the surprise. There's something about the way these rooms are numbered that goes against what I would think it should be.

Anyways there were a few good parts in this jam. Below are what I considered to be the best moments.

Season of the Cholera | Jam

Just Darkness Test | Jam

It's an Animal World | Jam

Looking Feeling | Jam | Picky Riffy

This one I think was the best of the evening. I like it and want to replay it and improve it.

Peste Rejam | Re-Jam | Peste

Not giving up on this song.

La Montée du Temple | Jam

I like this one a lot too, very simple jam but there is something that pleases me in it.

Just Korny | Jam

All the Right Time | Jam, Re-Jam

Is this a jam or a rejam? I am not 100% sure right now, maybe its new, or maybe its the same as something we've played before with Mac. To determine eventually...

Summer Feeling attempt... | Idea

Hum.. This again. In my previous solo jam there had been this great moment in the jam which the camera failed on me and I lost it, then I wanted to play it again but forgot and played something else. So this song idea was lost but I keep trying to find it again. This was me trying. The results are poor, Im having difficulty playing this and Im not sure its quite the right thing, but well, its an attempt, Ill put it here because I want to remember the idea, but havent put it in the best of because, well it does not qualify as the "best" of the jam since its sucks a little...

Just Death | Jam

last one of the evening, giving it all I got before going home!