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Le Cerveau Dans L'étrier

where: Marsonic, who: PVL
Funny jam that day. Had a problem at home (disagreement with my girl), having uncertainty at work (my client has a shortage of work and is late on his payments). I felt my mind going in a dark hole and so I flew myself to the studio with some plants. There was a special plant I had been saving. Those plants brought my mind to a crazy swirl. I was studying for my test coming this week with my mind flying over the world. Eventually after a pause of thinking and feeling the beautiful music really hard I decided I wanted to jam. It took me longer than I would have expected to get ready due to the plants and the fact the new setup is still pretty new and evolving.

But once I got started it went on for quite a while. Just my initial sound test turned into a 30 minutes jam. I started the cam a few minutes in, I think I should be able to use some of it. After that took a short pause and went for part 2 and part 2 was a 1h30 never ending jam.

When I left the studio I felt so tired and still a little weird. I listened to the result in my car and literally slept in the car. But I thought it sounded amazing (except for guitar being a little loud but that was just a quick mix, Ill fix that in the real mix).

All in all a crazy day, a crazy jam. My client told me he would pay me soon and my girl ain't even mad at me. All is well in the end and I have seen lots of things that I am glad I saw thanks to the poison.

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