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Bam Cube

where: Chez BAM, who: PVL
Troisième Jam Chez Bam. Des grands classiques sont nés!

Wow Awesome Song Idea | Jam

Gunge Mathusalem | Jam

Jam Fin 70s BMish | Jam

Peste | Jam | Peste

I called this jam "Peste" because it reminded me of some song from Peste Noire the french BM band altough it does not sound anything like it at all, to me on the moment I was under the impression that I was ripping off their stuff but in the end now that I listen to it I think its perfectly unique and legit :D This one for some reason is one of my favorite jams so far. I feel this one should become something, maybe its just me. There is a rejam of this a some later jam session.

Spacey Korn | Jam

Vocals Dins Aigus | Jam